Jackpot.com Accepted as Associate Member of NASPL, Supporting Lottery Advancements

NASPL, the North American Association of State and Provincial Lotteries, has accepted Jackpot.com as a member of its lottery courier group. 53 lottery entities from all across North America are represented by this group.

In its capacity as an associate member, Jackpot.com will assist NASPL in promoting industry cooperation, communication, education, and information sharing as well as campaigning for general lottery laws.

Commitment to Responsible Gaming

Company Co-Founder and CEO Akshay Khanna expressed gratitude, stating, “It is an absolute honor to be joining the NASPL community. As Jackpot.com continues to grow and expand its presence in additional member states, we could not be more excited to collaborate with regulators and other NASPL members to help sustain future opportunities for contributing to worthy causes and the drive towards responsible gaming.”

Jackpot.com reaffirmed its dedication to responsible gaming, highlighting its investment in gaming protections. These include features such as spend limits, daily deposit limits, access to responsible gambling resources, self-exclusion, and automated notifications for detecting problematic behavior.

NASPL Director of Partner Relations Jake Coy welcomed Jackpot.com, stating, “NASPL is pleased to have Jackpot.com as an associate member; and look forward to working with them throughout the year and beyond.”

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