Thai Government Considers 5% Cap on Casino Areas in Entertainment Complexes

The Thai government is considering limiting the space allocated to gambling within entertainment complexes to just 5% of the total project area. Deputy Finance Minister Julapun Amornvivat, who heads the House committee assessing the potential for casino resorts in Thailand, revealed this proposal, as reported by the Bangkok Post.

This allocation would be based on recommendations from various governmental bodies involved in the project. Last month, Thailand’s cabinet approved a report from the National Assembly committee that studied the feasibility of establishing casino resorts. Following this, the Ministry of Finance was assigned a 30-day period to evaluate the policy’s viability.

Each potential casino venue would need a minimum investment of THB100 billion (approximately $2.75 billion). Recently, Amornvivat requested an additional two weeks for this study to collaborate with 16 other government agencies for a more thorough evaluation.

The special House committee’s study concentrated on three primary areas. First, it examined the potential impact of casino entertainment complexes on Thai society, covering economic, political, social, and environmental aspects.

Next, the committee analyzed the business structure of these venues, looking into revenue generation through taxes, fees, and licensing. They proposed specific casino taxes and a fund to mitigate the negative effects of gambling.

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Finally, the report emphasized the need to review and possibly update the legal framework governing entertainment venues and gambling laws in Thailand to align with societal changes.

These ongoing discussions aim to ensure that decisions on establishing casino resorts are based on comprehensive analysis, considering all potential impacts on Thai society. Thailand could open its first integrated resorts as early as 2029, potentially outpacing Japan in introducing casino gaming, as per reports.

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