Scientific Games Launches Game of Thrones Lottery Series

Scientific Games has announced a groundbreaking collaboration with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment to introduce a series of Game of Thrones-themed instant scratch, Fast Play, and iLottery games. The debut takes place in partnership with the Colorado Lottery, marking the first time such games are available in the United States.

Scheduled for 2025, the Seven Kingdoms Experience promises to transport lucky winners into the fantastical world of Westeros. Hosted at a medieval-style castle winery in Napa Valley, California, this event promises to be an immersive journey. Winners will be sorted into seven “Houses,” mirroring those from the Game of Thrones universe. Each House, like House Targaryen or House Stark, will compete for a share of a remarkable $7 million prize pool. Attendees will engage in various themed activities, including live jousting tournaments.

A Collaboration of Innovation

Scientific Games Vice President of Licensing, Tina Hoover, expressed excitement about the partnership’s innovation. “We collaborated with Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment to craft an immersive Game of Thrones-themed winners experience,” she stated. The event builds on Scientific Games’ track record of delivering exceptional lottery experiences, drawing from their extensive expertise.

Since its release, the Game of Thrones-inspired game has achieved unprecedented popularity, setting sales records. Among the $10 games offered by the Colorado Lottery in fiscal year 2024, it has the highest first-week index and is still at the top of sales records.

The Colorado Lottery’s director, Tom Seaver, said that players were enjoying the Game of Thrones scratch game. “Our players are very excited to play the Game of Thrones scratch game,” said Seaver. The success of the series has been fueled by its appeal, particularly among younger adult gamers.

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In light of the tremendous popularity of the Seven Kingdoms Experience, Scientific Games and the Colorado Lottery are investigating the potential for more travel. In addition to captivating viewers of the venerable series, the partnership has improved the lottery experience to new heights.


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