BetComply, RiskCherry, and White Coral Join Forces for Market Launches

In a strategic move aimed at streamlining market entry for igaming suppliers, compliance consultancy BetComply, independent test lab RiskCherry, and legal advisory White Coral have forged a strategic alliance. This collaboration enables the trio to provide a comprehensive go-to-market service for suppliers venturing into new jurisdictions.

The genesis of this collaborative venture stems from the challenges faced by games studios in navigating the complexities of engaging multiple advisories and consultancies when entering new markets. Recognizing the need for a cohesive solution, BetComply, RiskCherry, and White Coral have joined forces to offer an integrated and efficient experience, culminating in the attainment of relevant licenses or certifications for the supplier.

BetComply assumes responsibility for pre-compliance testing, technical requirement understanding, and policy drafting, laying the groundwork for a successful market entry. RiskCherry brings its expertise to the table, managing testing, inspection, and certification processes to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. Meanwhile, White Coral provides indispensable legal coverage, encompassing software agreements, sales contracts, and more, to safeguard the interests of the supplier.

Setting a New Industry Standard

Daniel Brookes, CEO at BetComply, emphasizes the transformative impact of this alliance on the igaming industry. He states, “For too long, launching content in new markets was a fragmented and frustrating process for games studios.” By collaborating with RiskCherry and White Coral, BetComply aims to redefine industry standards, offering a seamless and cost-effective solution to suppliers.

Mihael Mladenov, COO at RiskCherry, expresses enthusiasm for the partnership, highlighting the collective expertise brought by the three companies. He remarks, “We’re really excited to work alongside BetComply and White Coral on this game-changing service.”

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Steven Matsell, Managing Partner and Founder at White Coral, underscores the alliance’s commitment to simplifying legal complexities. He asserts, “This is a major win for any business wanting to complete agreements faster and more cost effectively.”


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