Virginia Visitor Strikes $1.3 Million Jackpot at MGM National Harbor

In an exhilarating turn of events on May 5, a resident from Virginia, whose identity remains undisclosed, walked away with an astounding $1.3 million jackpot while playing Ultimate Texas Hold’em at MGM National Harbor. The player’s stroke of luck came in the form of a winning royal flush in diamonds, setting a record for the highest payouts ever recorded in the United States for this popular table game.

The jackpot-winning journey unfolded dramatically. Hailing from Virginia, the player embarked on a thrilling adventure at MGM National Harbor in Maryland. With a Queen and King of diamonds in hand, hope flickered. As the game progressed, anticipation peaked with the addition of a Jack of diamonds, followed by the Ace and 10 of diamonds, completing the flush on the river.

Expressing delight in the player’s victory, Alex Alvarado, the vice president of casino operations at MGM National Harbor, shared, “What an incredible moment for our guest to win this huge jackpot at MGM National Harbor. As an entertainment destination, our mission is to provide a variety of options for guests to have an unforgettable experience — whether at a restaurant, a show, or in the casino. We’re thrilled that a local struck a big payday on one of our many table games that feature progressive jackpots.”

MGM National Harbor

Situated just beyond Washington, D.C., MGM National Harbor stands as a premier integrated casino resort, offering a myriad of amenities and entertainment. Boasting a 23-story hotel with 308 luxurious rooms and 135,000 square feet of gaming space, the resort provides an unforgettable experience for guests.

Amidst the casino’s excitement, guests can explore retail outlets, rejuvenate at the spa, and savor culinary delights from seven distinct dining venues featuring global cuisines.

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This seven-figure jackpot win defied astronomical odds, emphasizing the rarity of achieving a royal flush in 7-card Texas Hold ‘Em. With statistical probabilities standing at a mere 0.0032%, this win marks a remarkable and extraordinary triumph in high-stakes poker.


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