Key Takeaways from Slotegrator’s Interview with Martin Calvert

In an insightful interview that leading iGaming aggregator Slotegrator recently had with Martin Calvert, marketing director at ICS-digital and ICS-translate, some forward-looking strategies for iGaming marketing got  highlighted as the industry approaches 2024. Calvert offered his overview of current and future trends, the evolving challenges within the industry, and shared his expertise on how marketers can navigate this dynamic landscape. Special thanks to Slotegrator for sharing the interview with us.

Current Trends in iGaming Marketing

Calvert began by addressing the impact of Google’s latest algorithm updates, noting, “From an SEO perspective, there’s been a lot of attention on the most recent Google algorithm updates, which will be causing stress for iGaming brands from March to May at least.” He emphasized that these updates focus on site quality and what Google deems “Helpful Content,” presenting specific challenges for iGaming brands, which may not have prioritized these areas historically.

Discussing the broader market dynamics, he highlighted the importance of adapting to newly regulated markets. “More generally, newly regulated and regulating markets will continue to be interesting battlegrounds not just for SEO and content, but also areas like PR, advertising and more,” Calvert explained. He stressed the critical need for brands to measure the effectiveness of their marketing closely to avoid repeating costly mistakes seen in regions like the USA and Canada.

Top Tools and Strategies for 2024

When asked about the essential tools and strategies iGaming marketers should prioritize, Calvert recommended leveraging industry-standard tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush. “Information is power. I’d make full use of mainstream tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush to learn more about competitor strategies for SEO to develop ideas about where to focus – and where not to,” he said. Staying updated with industry news and financial reports also plays a crucial role in understanding which strategies are paying off for competitors.

Navigating Regulatory Challenges

With increasing regulations around iGaming advertising, Calvert advised focusing on consistency and scale. “This is another area where knowledge is key – while the largest brands might be able to cope with a multi-million euro fine, that’s not the case for newer operators,” he remarked. He advocated for sustainable and straightforward marketing approaches, such as creative PR and organic SEO, which connect audiences with relevant content.

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Leveraging Personalization

On the topic of personalization, Calvert noted the importance of using first-party data to enhance user experience without overwhelming customers. “The main way to use personalization is through use of first-party data — i.e., data about your customers that they’ve provided,” he stated. Effective personalization should help the customer seamlessly, avoiding the pitfalls of excessive data use.

Strategies for Customer Retention and Loyalty

Calvert emphasized that customer loyalty hinges on providing a unique product and experience. “Loyalty depends on providing a differentiated product and experience – bonuses and offers won’t cut it,” he asserted. He believes that marketing can only shallowly influence retention and loyalty; the core drivers must be the product quality, customer experience, and the trust built with the audience.

Optimizing for Mobile Users

Highlighting the critical role of mobile devices, Calvert advised, “Mobile is everything – anyone who optimises their marketing for anything other than mobile is making a major miscalculation.” He explained that mobile optimization is not only about accessibility but also about creating content that meets mobile users’ needs effectively.

Data Privacy and Security

Addressing consumer concerns about data privacy, Calvert recommended focusing on pull marketing techniques to maintain trust and compliance. “Focusing on ‘pull’ rather than ‘push’ marketing methods can keep you safe,” he explained, suggesting methods like engaging content and social media campaigns to attract audiences naturally.

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Future Trends in iGaming Marketing

Looking to the future, Calvert predicted that the core elements of iGaming marketing would remain focused on delivering compelling offers and experiences. He anticipated that marketers would continue to refine their strategies to be more cost-effective and risk-averse, using methods that draw audiences closer to the brand.

Svetlana Kirichenko, head of marketing at Slotegrator, also commented on the need for adaptability in adopting new marketing strategies and staying responsive to shifts in player interests. She said:

In the ever-evolving realm of iGaming, there’s always a new marketing strategy popping up. They can be hard to keep track of sometimes but it’s more important to be able to adapt them to your current strategy and keep an eye on the changes in player interests.”


Looking forward, the iGaming marketing sphere is set to maintain its dynamism, with marketers needing to keep abreast of regulatory changes and evolving consumer expectations to stay competitive.

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