China’s Xixiang Luo Clinches 2024 APT Jeju Main Event Title, Winning $311,735

Xixiang Luo from China captured the championship at the 2024 APT Jeju Main Event, walking away with the top prize of approximately $311,735. The major event, hosted at the esteemed Landing Hotel & Casino within the luxurious Jeju Shinhwa Resort, attracted a record-setting 1,089 participants and created a prize pool of about $1.73 million, the largest in the history of the Asian Poker Tour in South Korea.

The competition’s final day brought back 15 contenders, all competing for the prestigious 24K Gold Lion APT Main Event trophy. Every player at the table was assured at least $15,797, setting the stage for a high-stakes finale.

Sergei Kim began the day leading with 73 big blinds, but Luo, who was initially seventh in chip count with 55 big blinds, made a remarkable recovery. He eliminated five of the nine final table players, drastically changing the course of the game.

A crucial moment for Luo was when he landed a set of tens on the river, which enabled him to knock out two competitors in one hand, thereby securing nearly 80% of the chips. The final challenge came against his fellow countryman Jianfeng Sun. The head-to-head match lasted 15 hands, with Luo finally prevailing by landing a five on the flop, securing his third APT title and his second in this tournament series.

This victory not only marked a significant payday for Luo but also propelled him into the tenth spot on the China All-Time Money List, with his career winnings now exceeding $3 million.

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Final Table Results

Result Player Country Prize (USD)
1 Xixiang Luo China $311,843
2 Jianfeng Sun China $187,327
3 Jason Wong United Kingdom $131,902
4 Jian Han China $99,104
5 Sergey Kim Russia $75,794
6 Mingchen Zhang China $55,418
7 Feng Chen China $41,609
8 Shih-Kai Lo Taiwan $29,783
9 Erdun Xu China $23,223

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