Illinois iGaming Legalization Efforts Facing Uncertainty in 2024

There are only three weeks remaining in the Illinois legislative session, and legislators are still not talking about passing legislation pertaining to internet casinos. Rep. Dan Didech, the chair of the Illinois House Gaming Committee, did not put HB2239 on the schedule following its initial hearing, in spite of earlier expectations. The likelihood of the law being amended further seems remote as the session draws closer to its May 24 deadline.

Rep. Didech stressed that there is no longer a need for urgent income creation through online casino legislation because of the state’s steady financial situation in recent years. This attitude lessens the need to look for new revenue streams as it represents a larger trend of budgetary stability.

HB2239, introduced by Rep. Edgar Gonzalez, aims to establish the Internet Gaming Act, allowing for three licenses per operator and imposing a 15% tax on gaming revenue. Despite its proposal in early April, the bill’s progress has stalled, highlighting the complexities surrounding online gaming regulation.

Focus on Problem Gambling Mitigation

Parallel to this, during the current session, Rep. Didech presented HB5307, which focuses on establishing a task group specifically tasked with tackling compulsive gambling. The proposed legislation emphasizes the state’s dedication to helping those who are struggling with gambling-related problems and gives evidence-based remedies first priority in order to reduce possible risks.

Senator Cristina Castro is optimistic about the Senate’s iGaming bill, SB1656, despite the fact that it missed a crucial deadline in the first part of May. Even with these defeats, there is hope that measures pertaining to online casinos may find their way into the larger budgetary debates, so preserving the option for future consideration.

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