Launching Soon: ‘Risky Business’ Podcast with Maria Konnikova and Nate Silver

Maria Konnikova, the author of “The Biggest Bluff” and a professional poker player, is set to debut a new podcast titled “Risky Business” alongside Nate Silver, the founder of FiveThirtyEight. The podcast, which launches on May 16 through iHeartPodcasts and Pushkin Industries, will explore decision-making strategies in both poker and everyday life.

The PokerStars ambassador, who has a PhD in psychology, became a professional poker player almost by accident, winning over $500,000 while researching her book. Konnikova will team up with Silver, a well-known figure in political and statistical analysis, who has also made a significant mark in the poker world with more than $800,000 in tournament earnings. Silver, who left ABC News last year, is also preparing to release a book titled “On the Edge,” which delves into gambling and risk-taking.

The weekly podcast will feature discussions on various topics, including the tactics and strategies of poker, political analysis, and the upcoming U.S. presidential race. Both hosts will also participate in this summer’s World Series of Poker, and “Risky Business” will cover the event extensively.

Silver expressed his excitement about the podcast, noting, “We’ll talk about the probabilities as well as tactics and strategy around politics and current events. How do things like expected value or game theory affect the decisions that impact all of our lives?”

Konnikova added her perspective on the unique insights provided by poker: “When you play high-stakes poker, you don’t just learn how to play cards; you learn how to think about the world. You learn a clear, useful framework for making all kinds of hard decisions. In ‘Risky Business,’ we’ll help listeners understand this framework and learn to apply it to the decisions in their own lives.”

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