Michigan Regulator Ask Operators to Explain Withdrawal Delays

The Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB) has raised concerns over the delay in withdrawals by local operators, prompting a call for explanations from licensees. In a memorandum released on April 23, the MGCB highlighted withdrawal requests as a recurring source of customer complaints, urging operators to address the issue promptly.

According to the MGCB, withdrawal requests constitute the primary reason for customer dissatisfaction, with operators often unnecessarily delaying payment processing. Under Michigan regulations, operators are required to honor withdrawal requests within 10 days, unless valid concerns of fraudulent activity arise. However, the memorandum emphasizes that operators must promptly notify customers of any delays and conduct thorough investigations into suspected fraud.

MGCB Deputy Director Urges Compliance

Dave Murley, deputy director of online gaming and legal affairs at MGCB, emphasized the need for operators to adhere to regulatory guidelines and promptly address customer concerns. Murley underscored the board’s commitment to ensuring timely and transparent withdrawal processes, urging operators to share best practices to enhance compliance.

The MGCB has provided a three-week window for operators to provide explanations for flagging withdrawal requests and to collaborate with the regulator to streamline processes. Murley highlighted instances where customers faced no issues with account setup or wagering activities but encountered delays only when requesting withdrawals, signaling the need for greater transparency and accountability.

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