AGA Reports Gaming CEOs Bullish on Future Despite Industry Shifts

The American Gaming Association (AGA) recently released its biannual Gaming Industry Outlook, providing a snapshot of industry sentiments gleaned from a survey of gambling industry executives. Despite evolving market dynamics, the findings underscore a prevailing sense of optimism among industry leaders.

Conducted by Oxford Economics, the survey garnered responses from 32 executives representing a spectrum of gaming entities, including major international and domestic gaming companies, Tribal gaming operators, and iGaming and sports betting operators. Their collective perspectives offer valuable insights into the current and future state of the industry.

Steady Optimism Amidst Challenges

The study shows that a sizable percentage of executives think the business climate right now is excellent, with 44% calling it “good” and 50% calling it “satisfactory.” Furthermore, 32% of participants conveyed a positive outlook on forthcoming opportunities, projecting an amelioration in commercial circumstances during the upcoming half-year. This notable uptick in optimism is indicative of the industry’s adaptability to shifting conditions.

AGA President and CEO Bill Miller underlined the value of consistent investment and innovation in managing changing market conditions. He said, “Gaming’s record-setting growth over the last three years has set a new standard for industry success. However, as we enter a period of market normalization, continued investment and innovation in offering world-class, responsible entertainment experiences will be required to maintain industry momentum.”


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