Curaçao Updates Gambling Legislation in Response to Industrial Critics

Javier Silvania, the Minister of Justice for Curaçao, has taken action in response to concerns expressed by the Curaçao Bar Association about the National Ordinance on Gambling (LOK). The decision was made in response to the Bar Association’s vocal criticism of a few draft gaming legislation sections, most notably those pertaining to the bar’s accreditation criteria.

Minister Silvania announced intentions to change the LOK’s accreditation procedures while also addressing the Bar Association’s complaints via social media. The minister made a major revision proposal in response to criticism, substituting a non-compulsory certificate for the previously recommended certification process. This change is intended to reduce the weight of regulations and promote a framework that is more cooperative.

Under the revised legislation, the Curaçao Gaming Authority will assume responsibility for issuing certificates to lawyers providing gambling-related services or goods to Curaçao license holders. These certificates, valid for a duration of up to three years, will supersede the accreditation prerequisites outlined in the initial draft of the law. Minister Silvania underscored the voluntary nature of these certificates, emphasizing the flexibility afforded to lawyers engaging in gambling-related activities.

Financial Autonomy for Gaming Authority

Beyond addressing concerns surrounding lawyer accreditation, Minister Silvania highlighted another pivotal amendment to the LOK: the establishment of financial independence for the Curaçao Gaming Authority. Recognizing the significance of regulatory autonomy, measures have been implemented to shield the authority from external financial influences. This strategic move enhances transparency and accountability within the regulatory framework, bolstering confidence in the oversight of the gambling industry.

In addition to responding to the Bar Association’s apprehensions, Minister Silvania also addressed criticisms from members of Parliament regarding the LOK documents. While acknowledging lapses in the legislative review process, he reiterated the transformative impact of the new law on Curaçao’s offshore gambling sector. These legislative revisions reflect Curaçao’s commitment to collaboration with the Dutch government’s Temporary Work Organisation (TWO), signaling a proactive approach to structural reform initiatives.

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