Dustin Melanson Wins $339,770 at WSOPC Playground Main Event

Dustin Melanson won the World Series of Poker Circuit (WSOPC) Playground $1,700 No-Limit Hold ’em Main Event, overcoming a field of 1,660 players to claim a win of $339,770. This victory significantly boosted his career earnings. The final moments of the tournament saw Melanson making a deal with Sergei Gurin, who finished second and took home $285,230.

Starting Day 3 as the chip leader from the remaining 22 players, Melanson faced several challenges but managed to retain his lead. He and Gurin, a strong player throughout the tournament, agreed to split the prize money through an ICM chop but continued to compete for the remaining 10% and the championship ring.

The heads-up play did not last long. Melanson secured nearly all the chips within about 90 minutes and won the championship. After his win, he commented, “I felt like I was at my best, and I felt like my opponents couldn’t really keep up with my aggression and the pressure I was putting on.” He credited his victory to timely strategic decisions and a bit of luck, including a crucial ace on the river.

The remaining top finishers include Nghi Van Tran who placed fifth and won $105,000, followed by George James with $140,000 for fourth place, and Mohammad Feizi, who earned $181,600 for third.

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