SOFTSWISS Appoints Rubens Barrichello as Non-Executive Director

Legendary Brazilian racer Rubens Barrichello has been named Non-Executive Director for Latin America by SOFTSWISS, a well-known worldwide software vendor with fifteen years of industry experience. With his illustrious Formula 1 career and powerful reputation, Barrichello’s appointment is intended to increase SOFTSWISS’ visibility and involvement in the local IT scene.

Barrichello offers essential leadership characteristics and collaborative ideas to SOFTSWISS from his stellar career in a highly competitive technical sector. As SOFTSWISS pursues its mission to revolutionize the iGaming industry via innovation, his extensive sports experience promises to bring perceptive viewpoints that will catapult the company’s sports betting platform and other offers to previously unheard-of heights.

Championing Responsible Gaming

In alignment with his commitment to effecting positive change, Barrichello will actively advocate for responsible gaming practices alongside the expertise of the group. His appointment signifies a strategic move for SOFTSWISS, particularly in tapping into the burgeoning Brazilian market.

According to TGM Research, the iGaming market in Brazil is projected to soar to over R$2.3 billion by 2026, potentially representing 1% of the country’s GDP. SOFTSWISS aims to leverage Barrichello’s extensive experience to capitalize on this growth trajectory and solidify its foothold in Latin America.

The creator of SOFTSWISS, Ivan Montik, expressed his excitement over Barrichello’s presence and emphasized the partnership’s strategic importance. He emphasized Barrichello’s success and collaborative nature, which matched SOFTSWISS’s dedication to bringing international best practices to the local market.

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As Non-Executive Director of SOFTSWISS in Latin America, Rubens Barrichello voiced optimism about the iGaming industry and his critical role in propelling its development. He reaffirmed his intention to using his background and the momentum of his remarkable racing career to lead SOFTSWISS to previously unheard-of levels of success in the area.

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