Michigan Achieves Record iGaming Revenue in March

The Michigan Gaming Control Board has released its report on the online gaming performance in the state for the month of March, highlighting yet another month of positive growth. This underscores the resilience and vibrancy of the online gaming sector in Michigan.

Online gaming, encompassing both commercial and Tribal operators, generated a total gross revenue of $257.08 million in March, reflecting a substantial uptick of 17.7% compared to February. This surge in revenue signals a buoyant market and increasing consumer engagement within the online gaming sphere.

Milestone Achievements in iGaming

On an individual basis, iGaming gross revenue soared to a historic high of $215.2 million, marking the highest total ever recorded in Michigan’s gaming history. This remarkable achievement surpasses the previous record set just the month prior, showcasing the remarkable growth trajectory of online gaming in the state.

The robust performance of iGaming in Michigan in 2024 is evident from the consecutive months of setting new records for gross revenue. January kickstarted the trend with a record-breaking month, followed by successive months of surpassing previous benchmarks. This sustained momentum bodes well for the continued expansion of the online gaming market in Michigan.

In tandem with the impressive growth in iGaming, online sports betting also witnessed a significant surge in revenue. Gross revenue for March reached $41.93 million, representing a notable increase from February’s figure of $30.5 million. This surge underscores the growing popularity of online sports betting platforms among Michigan consumers.

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The positive performance of Michigan’s online gaming sector in March reaffirms its status as a burgeoning market with substantial growth potential. As the industry continues to evolve and innovate, stakeholders can anticipate further milestones and achievements in the months ahead.

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