Over 50,000 Opt for Gambling Exclusion in Denmark

The Register of Self-Excluded Players (ROFUS), operated by Spillemyndigheden, the Danish Gambling Authority, has achieved a new milestone, registering 50,000 individuals who have chosen to exclude themselves from gambling. This marks a significant increase in participants since the registry’s establishment in 2012, reflecting a heightened public awareness of gambling addiction and the support mechanisms available to address it.

ROFUS was launched to give individuals the power to voluntarily opt-out of online and land-based gambling across Denmark. The ease of self-exclusion, facilitated through a few clicks on a computer or smartphone, has greatly contributed to its use. Starting with less than 1,500 registrants in its initial year, the service has expanded significantly, reaching this new height by April 1, 2024.

The spike in self-exclusion numbers is largely due to increased promotional efforts by Spillemyndigheden and a regulatory mandate effective from January 2020. This mandate requires all gambling operators in Denmark to promote ROFUS in their advertising, which has significantly raised its profile.

Data from the registry shows that about 64% of those enrolled, representing more than 32,000 individuals, have opted for permanent exclusion from gambling activities. The remainder have chosen temporary exclusion periods, ranging from 24 hours to six months, with many opting for the longer durations.

Those who opt for permanent exclusion can reconsider their decision after a year, but any decision to return to gambling involves a 30-day confirmation period. This cooling-off phase is designed to ensure that decisions to end self-exclusion are well-considered, reinforcing the program’s role in promoting responsible gambling.

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Spillemyndigheden also recently launched a website aimed at educating the people about the harms and risks involved with gambling.

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