Government Study on Casino Resorts Underway in Thailand

Thailand is currently evaluating the introduction of casino resorts in the country, led by the Ministry of Finance in collaboration with 16 other government agencies. This comprehensive assessment was sparked by an “urgent letter” from the cabinet’s secretariat, as reported by The Nation newspaper. The team’s mandate is to explore the practicality and impacts of allowing such establishments and to deliver their findings to the cabinet within a 30-day window, a deadline that has been discussed widely in the media.

The inquiry involves a diverse group of government entities including the Ministries of Tourism and Sports, Public Health, Education, and Justice, among others. Also partaking in the study are the National Economic and Social Development Council, the National Office of Buddhism, and the Royal Thai Police. This broad involvement underscores the multifaceted considerations—from economic benefits to social implications—that the legalization of casinos would entail.

On April 9, the Thai cabinet supported the findings of a National Assembly committee tasked with evaluating the feasibility of casino resorts. Chaired by Deputy Finance Minister Julapun Amornvivat, the committee had its report approved by the House of Representatives in late March. According to this report, launching a casino resort would require an investment of at least THB100 billion (around US$2.75 billion).

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