Ellis Island Casino Eyes Casino Floor Expansion and Sportsbook Addition

The busy Las Vegas Strip is home to the Ellis Island Casino, which is about to undergo a significant makeover as part of a massive expansion project. There are plans to expand 6,415 square feet to the family-run hotel-casino’s gaming area, according paperwork filed with Clark County.

The upcoming renovation and expansion of Ellis Island Casino are expected to improve the casino’s entertainment and gaming options. The casino floor has been expanded, the sportsbook back-of-house area has been remodeled, there is a state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment section, and the south service entry foyer is streamlined.

Embracing Tradition, Embracing Change

Christina Ellis, Vice President of Development, expressed enthusiasm for the renovation, emphasizing the opportunity to blend modern amenities with the property’s rich history. The project not only signifies a strategic expansion but also underscores Ellis Island’s commitment to honoring its legacy while embracing a new era of growth.

In preparation for the expansion, Ellis Island Casino bid farewell to its beloved 2,800-square-foot microbrewery, making space for the upcoming development. Anticipation looms high as the new structure, positioned closer to the sidewalk, prepares to welcome patrons with rooftop access upon completion.

Anamarie Ellis, Vice President of Operations, heralded the impending project as a pivotal moment in Ellis Island’s storied history. With the 56th anniversary on the horizon, the Ellis family eagerly anticipates ushering in a fresh aesthetic and enhanced offerings, signaling a new chapter in the casino’s illustrious journey.

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Since its modest inception in 1967, the Ellis family has nurtured Ellis Island Casino into a beloved Las Vegas institution. From humble beginnings to ambitious expansions, the casino’s evolution reflects a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation. With the latest endeavor set to redefine the gaming landscape, Ellis Island Casino embarks on its next chapter with renewed vigor and anticipation.

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