BlueBet Set to Acquire Betr Wagering Business

In a landmark announcement today, BlueBet unveiled plans for a merger with Betr, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of both entities. The deal, valued at approximately 265.4 million fully paid shares, represents a strategic alignment poised to reshape the landscape of the online wagering market.

Rumors of a potential merger between BlueBet and Betr have been circulating for some time, culminating in BlueBet’s recent trading halt on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX). The decision to suspend trading activities underscores the anticipation surrounding the impending acquisition.

Closing Conditions and Shareholder Support

While the merger awaits final approval, BlueBet has expressed confidence in the alignment of interests among its shareholders. With unanimous support from its board, BlueBet is urging shareholders to endorse the merger, citing the creation of substantial value as a compelling incentive.

Michael Sullivan, Executive Chairman of BlueBet, heralded the merger as a “transformational moment,” emphasizing the synergy between BlueBet’s cutting-edge technology and Betr’s expansive customer base. Sullivan’s optimism reflects the shared vision of leveraging combined strengths to emerge as a formidable player in the national wagering arena.

Matthew Tripp, founder of Betr, echoed Sullivan’s sentiments, underscoring the merger’s significance in realizing Betr’s aspirations of becoming a premier wagering operator. Tripp highlighted, “Today is a significant day for Betr. It is a major step towards achieving our ambition to be a tier 1 wagering operator. The combination of our joint scale and the BlueBet technology platform is extremely powerful. 

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“What excites me most is the deep experience and highly complementary skillsets of the combined team which sets us up well for the next phase of growth.”


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