ComplianceOne Group Introduces Compass

The ground-breaking platform Compass, developed by ComplianceOne Group, a top supplier of compliance solutions to the iGaming industry, is poised to transform compliance operations.

The first technology in the industry to fully automate and assist compliance processes is called Compass. It gives casino operators the ability to smoothly manage regulatory obligations at every stage, from long-term compliance to pre-launch.

Integration of Cutting-Edge Modules

Compass integrates ComplianceOne Group’s renowned technical compliance module, Complitech, with a new regulatory module called ComplyInsight. This integration offers users a powerful suite of tools tailored for B2C, B2B, and affiliate companies.

ComplyInsight provides real-time updates on regulatory changes and enforcement actions, offering invaluable insights into their impact and actionable guidance on addressing them effectively.

Compass was welcomed with enthusiasm by Antonio Zanghi, CEO of ComplianceOne Group, who positioned it as a calculated step toward leadership in compliance automation. In his remarks, he emphasized how the platform can save industry partners time and money by automating operations and offering actionable insights.

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With the release of DiligentOneAI, an auditing tool that uses artificial intelligence to increase automation, Compass will be significantly improved in the months to come.

By providing a revolutionary solution for operators globally, Compass’s debut highlights ComplianceOne Group’s dedication to efficiency and innovation in the iGaming compliance space.

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