No Rake All April Long at WPT Global MTTs

This April, WPT Global is rolling out a special promotion that’s turning heads in the online poker community: all Multi-Table Tournaments (MTTs) will operate without any rake. From April 1st to the 28th, players will see their entire buy-in funneled directly into the tournament prize pools, ensuring they get the full value of their investment.

Building on the success of March’s innovative 100% rakeback offer, WPT Global is now taking a further step by removing the rake altogether for MTTs during April. This means when you enter a tournament with a $100 buy-in, every dollar of that goes into the prize pool. There are no fees taken out, no hidden costs – just straightforward, rake-free poker.

The main event this month is the WPT Global Warm Up Festival, happening from April 19th to the 28th. This event will also benefit from the rake-free policy, presenting a prime chance for players to compete for larger prize pools without the extra cost traditionally associated with tournament play.

In an environment where other platforms are increasing their rake, making it tougher for players, WPT Global stands out by prioritizing player benefits. The goal here is clear: to boost the winnings for players, not the platform’s profit margins.

Taking advantage of Rake-Free April is simple. Players just need to log into their WPT Global account, pick the tournament they wish to join, and play without worrying about any rake deductions. This policy ensures that the prize pools are as large as possible, offering players the chance to win big.

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