AGCO Study Shows Ontarians Choose Safety in iGaming

A recent study, commissioned by the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) and conducted by Ipsos in February, has revealed encouraging trends in online gaming within Ontario. Two years after the province opened its doors to a regulated iGaming market, a substantial majority of players are engaging with licensed sites.

The findings indicate that 86.4% of online gamblers in Ontario prefer to use regulated sites, marking a slight increase from the previous year’s data. This study, focusing on a three-month period, underscores the players’ growing preference for licensed online gaming platforms.

Ontario’s venture into the online gaming world began two years ago, with the province establishing a regulatory framework intended to secure a safe and responsible gaming environment. Attorney General Doug Downey reflected on the progress since the inception of this regulated market.

Downey highlighted, “Since its launch in April 2022, Ontario’s iGaming model has been recognized internationally for championing work to displace the unregulated online gaming market. This made-in-Ontario, regulated market will continue to inspire global innovation, while ensuring a safer landscape for players and businesses alike.”

Echoing the sentiment on the importance of maintaining a regulated environment, AGCO CEO and Registrar Karin Schnarr emphasized the commitment to uphold high standards for game integrity, data security, and player protections, including comprehensive responsible gaming safeguards.

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Schnarr noted, “In Ontario, regulated sites are held to high standards of game integrity, data security and player protections, including having significant responsible gaming safeguards. While it’s encouraging to see most participants are choosing regulated gaming options, those who are not are unfortunately risking far more than their wagers.”

Over the past two years, the Ontario Government, in collaboration with AGCO and iGaming Ontario (iGO), has registered 47 iGaming operators, providing access to 77 regulated sites for local players. This effort is part of a broader initiative to offer Ontarians a safe and regulated iGaming environment.

Martha Otton, iGO Executive Director, spoke about the successful collaboration among iGO, its operators, the government, and AGCO, in drawing Ontarians to a regulated iGaming market. Otton assured, “We will continue to work in lockstep with the AGCO to enable Ontarians to play with confidence.”

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