UK Gambling Commission Fines Bet365 for AML and Social Responsibility Breaches

A significant fine of £582,120 ($738,035) was imposed by the UK Gambling Commission on bet365, a well-known participant in the sports betting market. The Commission found flaws in the business’s social responsibility and anti-money laundering (AML) policies, which made remedial action necessary.

The licensee in charge of bet365’s bingo and casino services, Hillside (UK Gaming) ENC, is subject to a fine of £343,035 ($434,769). In the meanwhile, the betting division’s owner, Hillside (UK Sports) ENC, must make a payment of £239,085 ($303,021). The regulatory settlement includes socially responsible projects that will benefit from the fines levied.

During a compliance assessment conducted by the Commission in March 2022, several inadequacies came to light. Notably, the interactions with customers lacked tailored approaches, hindering the efficacy of interventions. Additionally, the Early Risk Detection System failed to discern individual behavioral patterns adequately, impeding proactive measures.

AML Lapses

The Commission underscored bet365’s shortcomings in managing money laundering risks effectively. Enhanced customer due diligence and know-your-customer protocols were deemed inadequate, exacerbating vulnerabilities. Moreover, the absence of financial sanctions checks on new customers prior to their initial deposits raised concerns regarding due diligence practices.

Kay Roberts, Executive Director of Operations, emphasized the Commission’s commitment to upholding industry standards and rectifying deficiencies promptly. While acknowledging that bet365’s policy lapses were not as severe as others, Roberts underscored the imperative of maintaining high operational standards.

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This fine is the latest in a string of regulatory measures implemented by the Commission to demonstrate its unwavering opposition to AML and social responsibility transgressions in the gaming industry. Gamesys and Betfred’s previous sanctions serve as a clear warning of what happens when non-compliance occurs. The significant fine that Entain received in August of last year emphasizes even more how important it is for regulations to follow the law and moral principles.

With its most recent enforcement action against bet365, the Commission has once again demonstrated its dedication to promoting honesty and responsibility in the gaming sector.

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