Dominican Republic All Set To Introduce New Regulations for Online Gambling

The Ministry of Finance in the Dominican Republic has proposed a new resolution that aims to provide detailed criteria and requirements for operators seeking licensing, in an effort to monitor and control the rapidly growing online gambling business.

Games of chance and sports betting on the internet will be legalized under Resolution 136-2024, and the Directorate of Casinos and Games of Chance will be in charge of regulatory control. Certain terms, administrative costs, and minimal requirements for operators are delineated in the resolution. A license fee of DOP 20,473,481 ($346,000) is required of online casino operators, while DOP 15,355,111 ($260,000) is required of sports betting providers. Additionally, “other online applications” might be licensed under a different category for DOP 10,236,740 ($173,000). Five years will pass between the issuance of the licenses, the first three of which are non-transferable.

Legislative Process and Implementation

The initiative to legalize online gaming commenced on February 28, 2024, marked by a meticulous and thorough process overseen by the Casino Commission. Following deliberations, the Commission recommended the issuance of the resolution to regulate internet gaming in the country, a directive that was subsequently approved and signed by Minister José Manuel Vicente.

The 36-page regulation comprises seven chapters and 36 articles, delineating the intricate conditions and prerequisites for prospective operators. Notably, the first chapter outlines stringent eligibility criteria and operational guidelines for applicants. Furthermore, the resolution underscores the importance of adherence to an Internal Control Procedures Manual, gaming platform specifications, and administrative protocols. Article 27 emphasizes the pivotal role of security measures and operational integrity in the licensing approval process. Operators are mandated to institute a robust responsible gaming program, inclusive of provisions for player self-exclusion.

The implementation of these regulatory measures signals a significant stride in the Dominican Republic’s efforts to establish a transparent, accountable, and sustainable framework for online gambling, fostering consumer protection and ensuring regulatory compliance across the sector.

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