DraftKings Lawsuit Shifts to BLS Between Massachusetts Legal Battle

A recent legal development has seen a class action lawsuit filed against DraftKings, a prominent gaming and betting company, relocated to a specialized court following the company’s request for reassignment.

Upon DraftKings’ request, the Massachusetts Superior Court of Middlesex County has transferred the class action lawsuit to the state’s Business Litigation Session of the Superior Court (BLS). The move aims to streamline the handling of the case, leveraging the specialized approach of the BLS in managing complex business and commercial disputes.

Enhanced Case Management at BLS

The Business Litigation Session offers a tailored approach to case management, catering to the intricacies of business-related legal matters. In response to DraftKings’ request, the lawsuit is now under the purview of Judge Kenneth Salinger and Judge Debra Squires-Lee, signaling a shift towards focused and collaborative case management.

The lawsuit stems from allegations that DraftKings offered a misleading bonus, prompting legal action by the Public Health Advocacy Institute (PHAI) in December. The institute, acting as the plaintiff, argued that DraftKings’ $1,000 bonus bet offer was deceptive, as players were misled into believing they could obtain the bonus without significant requirements.

According to the lawsuit, claiming the bonus proved arduous, necessitating hefty deposits and wagers within a short timeframe. Additionally, the bonus amount lacked transferability or redemption options, further disadvantaging players.

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It is essential to note that the lawsuit does not accuse DraftKings of promoting excessive gambling. Instead, it underscores the importance of clear and transparent bonus terms to avoid confusion among players.

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