How Revpanda Help Affiliates in iGaming

Affiliate sites sometimes need the help of digital marketing companies to survive online. These needs may include increasing visibility or identifying specific strategies. Affiliates work with digital marketing companies to make this process of increasing visibility happen in a shorter period of time and in a more painless way. Revpanda is one of these companies and today we are going to talk about how Revpanda helps affiliate companies.

Strategy Development

The first step is strategy development. Affiliate sites may need certain strategies to show their products or services to the audience they want, and revpanda helps and guide affiliate sites in developing these strategies. In a way, we can call this consulting. This process starts with the digital marketing company evaluating the strategies that are already in place, and then either improving the existing strategy or coming up with a new one. There are different things that need to be done for this, first of all, the target audience should be analyzed and the strategy should either be developed or changed accordingly. Because the target audience of each affiliate site will be different and it would be best to adopt different strategies according to these audiences. In addition to the target audience analysis, they also analyze the competition in the market and develop strategies on how the brand can reach and be counted differently from others. Thanks to these different marketing tactics, affiliate sites become more advantageous than their competitors. Revpanda also keeps in mind the budgets and future goals of affiliate sites and suggests ways to offer them the most effective solutions. In this way, affiliate sites can have the chance to achieve the success they want in a short period of time.


In order for affiliate sites to become more visible, one of the most important factors is to better recognize the target audience and take action according to this target audience. In order to do this, first of all, digital marketing companies, Revpanda in this context, need to conduct market research and analysis. In line with these, in order for the services offered by affiliate sites to reach the right place, it is necessary to determine the needs and preferences of the target audience and act accordingly. There are several different factors involved in this market research, first of all, it can make distinctions according to demographic groups. In this way, it can be revealed which locations are potential customers and which are not. At the same time, once you know which regions have more potential customers, it will be easier to understand how to attract these customers. Revpanda performs data-driven analysis and determines which strategy is best for which site. As a result of these steps, the target audience is better recognized and strategies are developed for them, bringing them one step closer to success.

SEO Support

Perhaps one of the most important things an affiliate needs in order to stand out from the competition is organic traffic. So what does this organic traffic mean? People really need to go to affiliate sites and check them out and perhaps utilize their services. Non-organic traffic can be generated by some computer software, but it won’t have the same effect as organic traffic. Revpanda provides SEO support to affiliate sites, which will help affiliate sites to rank higher in search engines and attract more attention from the target audience. In this process, with the help of certain technical optimizations, affiliate sites are brought to higher levels in search engines. While these are being done, certain content is created for affiliate sites, which may vary according to the brand. With the help of this content, affiliate sites will attract more attention from the target audience and will appear more in search engines, and thus organic traffic, that is, this desired and expected traffic will be realized. The right keywords are also used for this content, so that the content falls more in front of the target audience. For example for websites like bambet, Revpanda would support bambet with SEO management,  therefore, their content would be seen by the right audience at the right time.

Content Marketing Strategies

One of Revpanda’s help affiliates is content marketing strategies. These strategies are actually quite important because the main goal is to attract the attention of the target audience and generate organic traffic. To do this, they get support from many different branches, for example, blog posts can be written or videos can be shot on the subject, or posts can be made on social media to attract the attention of the target audience. This is actually done because affiliates can attract the attention of their target audience in the easiest and shortest way. These contents may vary in terms of subject matter depending on the situation, usually containing information about the advertised products or services, but at the same time, content that will not bore the target audience is prepared. In this way, that mountain of the target audience does not shift elsewhere. Revpanda also helps affiliate sites with content planning and content production to keep the attention of the target audience at the highest level. As we mentioned earlier, SEO strategies are also utilized in order for this content to reach the target audience in the best way possible, and Revpanda also helps affiliate sites in this regard. When all of these come together, the brand becomes more recognizable. One of the biggest examples of the success of Revpanda is betpack. Nearly everyone in the iGaming sector knows who Betpack is.

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Data Monitoring

The processes used to increase the traffic of Affiliate Sites are not a one-off process. The market analysis, strategies and content need to be renewed and updated at regular intervals. Therefore, how well the prepared strategies work or how well the content reaches the target audience is revealed by examining the data afterwards, and Revpanda creates new strategies or improves existing strategies if necessary in the light of this data. Analyzing the data afterwards is a very important step because it gives valuable information to the company owners about whether the strategies are working or not. This way affiliates can grow globally.

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