French Online Gambling Regulator Takes Action for Consumer Protection

Authorité Nationale des Jeux (ANJ), the French regulator of online gaming, is stepping up its efforts to protect consumer rights and ensure industry conformity with the law. The ANJ has dispatched directions requiring a thorough examination of customer agreements in response to many grievances concerning the equitable and transparent nature of operator terms and conditions.

Operators have received instructions to remove any unlawful or unclear elements from their terms and conditions after a comprehensive inspection. According to the ANJ, it is crucial to make sure that general terms do not unnecessarily restrict operators’ obligation or obstruct consumers’ rights to reimbursement. Restrictions on the kind of evidence that can be used, arbitrary deadlines for filing claims, and unjust payout reductions are examples of prohibited behavior.

Enhanced Monitoring for Compliance

To uphold fairness and transparency, the ANJ emphasizes the necessity of heightened scrutiny over operator terms and conditions. This proactive approach aims to address concerns related to legal jurisdiction, evidentiary standards, claim deadlines, and payment processes, thereby enhancing consumer protection across the online gambling landscape.

In tandem with its regulatory initiatives, the ANJ has unveiled its strategic plan for 2024-26, prioritizing initiatives to mitigate excessive gambling behaviors and safeguard vulnerable demographics, particularly minors. The plan comprises four key pillars, including the reduction of excessive gambling prevalence, ensuring transparency and integrity, optimizing economic regulation, and adapting to industry dynamics.

In a bid to combat illicit gambling activities, the ANJ has issued warnings concerning unauthorized operators exploiting licensed brands on social media platforms like Facebook. Collaborating with Facebook, the ANJ has taken decisive action, resulting in the suspension of 137 accounts and the reporting of 400 website URLs to Meta, Facebook’s parent company.

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