Swedish Regulator Spelinspektionen Takes Action Against Illegal Gambling Operators

Three gaming businesses are the target of strict sanctions recently imposed by Sweden’s gambling authorities, Spelinspektionen. The action is taken in response to the regulator’s crackdown on illegal and unregulated gaming operations across the nation.

The Spelinspektionen said that two businesses, Aprodi Ltd. and Newera Frozen PTE Limited, have been barred from engaging in video game skin gambling without the necessary authorization. These operators engaged in “Skin gambling” or the unauthorized use of video game cosmetics as money by participants in their games of chance. Because of its association with the rapidly growing esports sector, skin gambling has become more and more popular, especially among younger players.

Marketing to Swedish Audiences

In addition to the unlicensed gambling operations, the Spelinspektionen also banned Galaktika NV for actively promoting its gaming services to Swedish consumers without the necessary license. Despite the operator’s claims that its marketing efforts targeted all of Europe rather than Sweden specifically, the regulator deemed the actions inappropriate and in violation of Swedish gambling laws.

The Spelinspektionen emphasized its commitment to transparency by publicly announcing its decisions to ban illegal online gambling operators. The regulator reiterated its stance against unauthorized gambling activities and affirmed that it would continue to enforce strict regulatory measures to maintain the integrity of Sweden’s gambling market.

The crackdown on unlicensed gambling operators underscores the Swedish government’s efforts to regulate and control the country’s gambling industry effectively. As the Spelinspektionen remains vigilant in its oversight, it sends a clear message to operators that non-compliance with Swedish gambling laws will not be tolerated.

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