Proposal for Jackson Casino Withdrawn Despite Lack of Support

As of late, Trey Lamar, the chairman of the Mississippi House Ways and Means Committee, has chosen to rescind a measure that would have allowed a casino in Jackson. Fox News revealed that the bill lacked enough support, which prompted this decision.

The measure, which Lamar had originally introduced earlier in the week, did not have the support required to proceed. An important reason for the decision to not vote on the idea was given by the local report: worries about the impact on jobs.

Concerns were expressed by Representative Robert Johnson, who said that the construction of a land-based casino in the state capital may have a detrimental effect on employment, especially for individuals connected to casinos along the Mississippi River, which included his hometown.

Johnson emphasized, “The coast may survive it, but there’s no way anybody else could survive it.”

Context and Precedents in Mississippi

The proposed bill, had it progressed, would have marked a significant departure from existing norms in the state. Mississippi has a long-standing history of embracing casinos, dating back over three decades.

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State legislation originally limited the construction of casinos to waterfront sites. That being said, legislators reexamined these rules following Hurricane Katrina in 2005, which caused significant damage to gaming barges. As a result, the amendments permitted the construction of casinos in locations that were “a short distance on shore,” which included all of the Mississippi and Gulf Coast regions.

Currently, 12 casinos on the Gulf Coast with licenses and 14 more along the Mississippi are governed by the Louisiana Gaming Commission. Additionally, the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians operates three casinos that are not subject to state laws.

Lamar gave positive advice to supporters of casinos and prospective investors, telling them to keep going despite the bill’s withdrawal.

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