New York’s Casino Prospects Postponed to 2025

In an unexpected turn of events, the New York Gaming Commission (NYGC) has declared that the granting of licenses for the state’s much sought-after casino licenses will not begin until late 2025. The highly competitive field of casino licensing in New York has become even more difficult as a result of this unanticipated event.

After the legislation to expedite the licensing system was passed in 2022, lawmakers had planned to begin the bidding process as soon as possible. Stakeholders are now dealing with uncertainty as a result of the NYGC’s decision to delay the process. When the NYGC provides further information on April 1, more information about the reasons for the delay is expected.

Challenges and Regulatory Hurdles

NYGC Executive Director Robert Williams cited several factors contributing to the delay, including the need for a citywide zoning change approval, expected within a few weeks. Additionally, ongoing regulatory issues faced by applicants have necessitated a reassessment of the licensing timeline.

According to Gaming Commission officials, the revised timeline will consider various factors, including New York City’s proposed text amendment concerning gaming facilities and inquiries posed by applicants during the initial rounds of questioning.

The revised timetable offers hope for gaming operators like the Las Vegas Sands in Uniondale, situated at the Nassau Coliseum site, to address specific challenges. This includes navigating the aftermath of a November 2023 Nassau County court ruling that deemed the county in violation of New York’s Open Meetings Law and the State Environmental Quality Review Act, prompting Sands to restart the process after its lease with the county was invalidated last May.

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Hard Rock International Partner and New York Mets owner Steve Cohen also finds himself in the fray, vying with Sands to secure approvals from the state for the construction of a proposed casino in the parking lot of Citi Field in Queens.

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