Rutger Hennen Takes $227,472 Win in WPT Prime Amsterdam Main Event

Rutger Hennen has won the World Poker Tour Prime Amsterdam Main Event title, thereby earning himself a payday of $227,472. The event, hosted at Holland Casino in the heart of Amsterdam on March 22, saw Hennen outlast a competitive field of 1,340 players. This win pushed his career earnings to over $284,000, according to the Hendonmob, following an intense final table battle that lasted 297 hands.

The €1,100 buy-in tournament drew a large crowd, creating a total prize pool of $1,393,455. It ensured payouts for the top 168 participants, with the minimum cash starting at $1,930.

Despite entering the final table with fewer chips than many of his adversaries, Hennen’s strategic moves throughout the game elevated him to the lead position. His final obstacle was against Ukraine’s Maksym Klopotok in a heads-up match. Initially, Hennen held a nearly 7:1 chip advantage. Despite this, Klopotok managed to double his chip count twice, momentarily tightening the competition. Nevertheless, Hennen maintained his advantage and eventually won the tournament.

The decisive hand came when Klopotok, with an A-8 offsuit, pushed all his chips against Hennen’s pocket sevens. The community cards showed 10-9-5-6-9, affirming Hennen’s win with his pocket sevens. Klopotok, placing second, walked away with $151,667, his biggest tournament earning to date.

Final Table Results WPT Prime Amsterdam Main Event

Result Player Prize
1 Rutger Hennen $227,472
2 Maksym Klopotok $151,667
3 Robbie Schiffbauer 112,243
4 Vasyl Vasylyshyn $83,893
5 Jeffrey Joi $63,335
6 Matin Talebi $48,300
7 Patrick Papanek $37,214
8 Denis Karakashi $28,973
9 Raoul Van Wersch $22,793

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