BTM Entertainment’s License Cancelled by Malta Gaming Authority (MGA)

An important step forward in the nation’s gambling history has been taken by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), which has intensified its regulatory actions against BTM Entertainment Group Limited, the owner of the online gaming site Roy Richie.

By suspending its permission and essentially shutting down its activities back in 2019, the MGA delivered BTM Entertainment a serious blow. Prospects for the firm were clouded by this suspension, which remained mysterious as the MGA declined to provide explanations.

MGA’s Firm Response on License Cancellation

As we move forward to the present, the MGA has dealt BTM Entertainment a severe blow by completely revokeing its permission. Malta’s Gaming Compliance and Enforcement Regulations are strictly adhered to, as the Authority made clear by citing certain statutory prohibitions.

BTM Entertainment has seven working days to pay any outstanding payments to the MGA after the cancelation takes effect on March 22, 2024. There is a race against time. The procedures are further complicated by the fact that the Authority’s judgment is still appealable under Malta’s Gambling Act.

This latest ruling is a part of a larger trend in Malta’s regulatory environment, where the MGA is taking an active role in ensuring compliance in the gaming industry. Rush Gaming met a similar end earlier this month when the MGA revoked its license after an earlier suspension, demonstrating the Authority’s persistent dedication to maintaining regulatory integrity.

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