Australia and Curacao Edge Closer to Tackling Illegal Gambling

To counter the increasing number of illicit gambling websites that prey on Australian nationals, the Curacao Gaming Control Board (CGCB) has been urged to step up its assistance by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA). Even though ACMA has blocked over 950 of these sites, the regulatory agency highlights that more coordinated action is still required.

The ACMA has long advised contacting foreign authorities to request that they impose harsher penalties on websites that violate the law. Securing collaboration from places such as Curacao has proven to be difficult, although there has been progress recently. Conversations between Curacao authorities and Australian regulators indicate that there may be a joint endeavor to improve ACMA’s enforcement capacities.

A Shift in Curacao’s Approach

Recognizing the need for regulatory change, Curacao has strengthened operator responsibility and control by instituting a new Master Gambling License structure. The goal of the updated license system is to make subcontracting less common, which will discourage illegal organizations from conducting business under false pretenses.

The ACMA emphasizes its dedication to promoting regulatory cooperation with Curacao and other foreign partners. The ACMA aims to improve its enforcement skills and deal with internet gambling businesses that violate Australian legislation by exchanging information and organizing activities.

“In relation to Curacao, we have written to them about individual services licensed in their jurisdiction,” stated an ACMA spokesperson, reaffirming ACMA’s readiness to assist CGCB in taking necessary actions against offending parties.

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Australia and Curacao working together might greatly enhance ACMA’s efforts to prohibit websites that provide illicit gaming. The ACMA wants to protect Australian consumers from illegal gaming by broadening its enforcement reach through coordinated action and regulatory alliances.

“We are continuing to explore further regulatory collaboration with overseas gambling regulators,” affirmed an ACMA spokesperson. The anticipated collaboration signals a proactive approach towards combating illegal online gambling, underscoring the importance of international cooperation in safeguarding regulatory integrity.

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