888 Holdings Rebrands to Evoke plc, 2023 Earnings Come in Disappointing

During the FY23 earnings call on Tuesday, 888 Holdings discussed its strategic rebranding to Evoke plc, aiming to revitalize its focus on core European markets such as Denmark, Spain, Italy, and the UK, alongside implementing cost-saving measures. The London-listed company is working hard to steer the company back to prosperity.

The firm’s CEO, Per Widerström, detailed efforts to recover from an 18-month slump that has impacted the stock price, attributing the downturn to management changes and compliance issues. “We need a corporate brand,” Widerström stated. “We need a new company name that is memorable and translatable… A new direction. A new sense of purpose.”

Today marks a new start, our new one company, Evoke.

CFO Sean Wilkins candidly discussed the company’s fiscal results, acknowledging that “We are under no illusions that this financial performance has been disappointing.” Despite a significant revenue increase to £1.71 billion, the firm faced a downturn on a pro forma basis and challenges in the UK market that led to a shift toward lower-spending customers. However, growth in the UK & Ireland online revenue was notable, at 44.6%.

Wilkins also highlighted the end-of-year financials, revealing a slight uptick in international business revenue and significant corporate cost increases, which he attributed to accounting harmonization rather than actual cost rises.

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The transition to Evoke plc is envisioned as a fresh start. “Today marks a new start, our new one company, Evoke,” said Widerström, emphasizing a reset and a clear strategy towards success, underpinned by a “laser-focus on execution.”

Widerström unveiled a value creation plan alongside the FY23 results, emphasizing the competitive nature of the industry and the move towards “a world of infinite personalisation.” A key part of this strategy is Operations 2.0, focusing on the integration of AI to enhance efficiency and customer experience. “I am a huge fan of AI, used in the right way,” he commented, stressing the importance of correct implementation.

Improving profitability and efficiency are among the strategic goals, with Widerström committing to driving profit margins and selective global investment. A targeted approach will concentrate on the UK, Spain, Italy, and Denmark, reflecting the majority of the company’s revenue.

Wilkins outlined the forward-looking financial strategy, emphasizing the importance of a “cultural shift” and judicious resource allocation to ensure sustainable returns. Both executives highlight a committed path to not just strategize but execute effectively, aiming to place 888, or rather Evoke plc, in a position of renewed strength and focused growth

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