Hacksaw Gaming Expands US Presence with BetMGM in West Virginia

Hacksaw Gaming recently broadened its partnership with BetMGM, entering the West Virginia market after initially joining forces in Ontario, Canada. This move is part of Hacksaw Gaming’s effort to extend its reach within North America, with New Jersey identified as the next target for expansion.

Recognized as one of the leading sportsbooks in West Virginia, BetMGM has enriched its casino app offerings by incorporating Hacksaw’s engaging game titles. The launch featured popular games like Joker Bombs and Outlaws Inc., providing players in West Virginia an exciting gaming experience. These titles were strategically placed on BetMGM’s platform to maximize visibility and attract a wide audience.

Following the launch, additional Hacksaw games have been added to the platform, drawing in more players and contributing to a rapidly growing gaming community.

Marcus Cordes, CEO of Hacksaw Gaming, shared his excitement about the collaboration, stating, “Joining BetMGM on the mission to put Hacksaw Gaming on the map has been an exhilarating experience. We are making excellent progress.”

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