Fontainebleau Counters Wynn Las Vegas’ Lawsuit Allegations

In response to a lawsuit that Wynn brought, Fontainebleau has stated its position in a legal dispute that was triggered by claims of employee espionage, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

After Fontainebleau Las Vegas opened its doors in December, Wynn filed a lawsuit against the resort, citing the latter’s actions as improper. Alleging a breach of contractual obligations that date back to mid-2022, Wynn accused Fontainebleau of soliciting its executive personnel.

Wynn asked the Clark County District Court for an injunction and a $15,000 damage demand.

Fontainebleau’s Counterclaim

Fontainebleau retorted with a counterclaim, refuting Wynn’s accusations and offering its interpretation of events. Fontainebleau refuted allegations of solicitation, claiming that Wynn’s employees had freely decided to join Fontainebleau.

In its counterclaim, Fontainebleau used a cultural allusion, comparing its debut to the Eagles song “New Kid in Town” from 1976. The casino also included an email conversation that was described as heated between the CEOs of Wynn and Fontainebleau.

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Clarifying the email discussion, Fontainebleau expressed dissatisfaction with the actions of Wynn’s CEO. The casino expressed its disapproval of Wynn’s CEO, citing what it considered to be a lack of professionalism in comparison to the conduct required of CEOs of publicly traded corporations.

Fontainebleau’s counterclaim was quickly met with a swift response from Wynn, who dismissed it as a series of unfounded charges meant to get attention on social media. Wynn restated its first allegation, claiming that Fontainebleau coerced its staff members to violate their employment contracts.

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