Thailand House to Review Casino Legalization Bill on March 28; Illegal Casino Targeted in Massive Raid

On March 28, Thailand’s House of Representatives will examine a bill aimed at legalizing the casino industry, as reported by The Nation newspaper. The bill, detailed by Deputy Finance Minister Julapun Amornvivat, has already been drafted and submitted for the House’s consideration. Following potential approval by the House, the next steps involve deliberation by the country’s Cabinet.

The specific involvement of Thailand’s Senate in this process remains unclear. The initiative follows a thorough investigation by a special House committee into the legalization of casinos, a subject of discussion in the Assembly for several years. The committee’s conclusions have been compiled into a comprehensive bill with 10 chapters and 68 articles.

Royal Thai Police Recommends Strict Regulatory Measures

In tandem with legislative developments, there’s a call for regulatory measures to address potential social issues associated with casino operations. The Royal Thai Police have recommended that casinos, if legalized, implement restrictions to combat money laundering and problem gambling. These recommendations include requiring casino patrons to provide detailed personal and financial information. Additionally, the police suggest that casinos should be situated away from residential areas and educational institutions to mitigate adverse social impacts.

Illegal Gambling Crackdown in Bang Yai District on Tuesday

This push for legalization coincides with law enforcement action against illegal gambling activities. On Tuesday, a massive raid was conducted in Bang Yai district, Nonthaburi Province, targeting a large illegal casino disguised as a warehouse. The operation netted around 300 individuals and uncovered a sophisticated setup with multiple gambling rooms, extensive surveillance systems, and high-stakes betting areas, including VIP rooms. The police operation resulted in the seizure of gambling chips and untaxed playing cards valued at millions of baht, along with the freezing of bank accounts linked to the gambling operation.

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