Beach Erosion Poses Persistent Threat to Atlantic City Casinos

The deteriorating beaches of Atlantic City pose a constant danger to the survival of this famous coastal resort city every winter. Famous casino resorts including Hard Rock, Resorts, and Ocean Casino Resort are severely damaged by storms and waves, especially on the northern half of the island.

In order to strengthen its beaches ahead of the summer tourist season, Atlantic City is qualified for federal assistance to remedy this problem. Legislative barriers caused more delays, even though a government effort in 2020 restored some short respite by resupplying sand.

According to Stephen Rochette of the US Army Corps of Engineers, the project’s start date is now set for “sometime this summer or in the fall,” with $25 million in authorized government financing out of an expected $30 million cost. Between April and May, contractors will have the chance to submit bids for the project.

Industry Concerns and Urgency

Stakeholders in the business emphasize how urgent it is to finish the project before summer arrives, even though the proposed beach restoration gives optimism. Resorts’ president, Mark Giannantonio, highlights the importance of sand delivery, calling it a “beach-lite” option that is essential to the company’s sustainability.

In a similar vein, general manager of Ocean Casino Resort Bill Callahan emphasizes how important beaches are to drawing travelers. He raises concerns about the viability of running a beach resort without sufficient beachfront and stresses the need for quick action to prevent serious financial consequences.

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Stakeholders are uniting quickly to find solutions in response to Atlantic City’s deteriorating beaches, realizing how critical it is to protect the city’s famous shoreline for both locals and tourists.

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