DraftKings Introduces My Stat Sheet for Enhanced Player Experience

DraftKings has unveiled its latest offering, the My Stat Sheet, aimed at empowering players with personalized data insights to inform their gaming decisions. This innovative tool, integrated across all DraftKings and Golden Nugget products, equips players with intuitive charts and information, fostering responsible gaming practices.

Commitment to Responsible Gaming

Jennifer Aguiar, DraftKings’ Chief Compliance Officer, underscored the company’s dedication to responsible gaming amidst evolving sports betting technology. Aguiar stated, “The My Stat Sheet tool will help customers evaluate their play and make informed choices,” reaffirming DraftKings’ proactive stance in promoting responsible gambling.

My Stat Sheet, which is available on all DraftKings platforms, gives gamers a thorough understanding of their gaming activity. It is easy for users to keep track of their wagers, keep an eye on their payments and withdrawals, determine how involved they are in contests, and manage their time on the site. Furthermore, the functionality allows users to monitor their victories across different time periods, improving accountability and transparency.

DraftKings’ President of Global Product and Technology, Paul Liberman, stressed the company’s continued dedication to ethical gaming. Liberman emphasized the role that technical innovation plays in promoting activities related to responsible gambling, pointing to My Stat Sheet as a critical turning point in DraftKings’ market leadership.

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