GR8 Tech Forges Strategic Alliance with Mojabet

A leader in technology solutions, GR8 Tech has partnered with Mojabet, a major participant in the African gaming market, for an extended period of time. Through the provision of a state-of-the-art Sportsbook and Casino platform to Mojabet, this strategic relationship seeks to transform the gambling industry.

GR8 Tech has demonstrated its dedication to quality by offering Mojabet a turnkey solution that includes a wide range of services designed to improve the gaming experience. Mojabet will gain from a comprehensive platform that is made to satisfy the various demands of its customers, from Payment Gateway and CRM to Analytics and Anti-Fraud systems.

Customized Solutions for the African Market

Recognizing the unique requirements of the African market, GR8 Tech swiftly developed a custom lightweight frontend optimized for seamless user experiences. This tailored approach ensures efficient navigation and performance, catering to the preferences of African gamers. The platform has already made its debut in Senegal, with plans for further expansion across the region in the pipeline.

Paris Anatolitis, CEO of Moja Group, lauded the partnership with GR8 Tech, emphasizing the company’s unparalleled speed and quality of technology. Anatolitis commended GR8 Tech’s open communication and personalized approach, citing their ability to swiftly adapt to Mojabet’s specific requirements. He stated, “They accomplished in just 2 months what typically takes 6, delivering exceptional results.”

GR8 Tech CEO Evgen Belousov expressed his excitement about the collaboration with Mojabet, hailing it as a significant milestone for the company. Belousov affirmed GR8 Tech’s commitment to achieving outstanding outcomes for its clients and expressed confidence in the platform’s success in new markets.

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After a prosperous year that witnessed the addition of four new clients to its portfolio in 2023, GR8 Tech is embarking on an exciting new chapter with its relationship with Mojabet. Mojabet is the first joint venture to be declared and introduced; GR8 Tech plans to reveal more ground-breaking alliances soon.

The partnership between GR8 Tech and Mojabet highlights the company’s commitment to advancing technical innovation in the gaming sector. GR8 Tech is a pioneer in next-generation gaming systems, and it keeps that status by providing customized solutions and putting the needs of its customers first.

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