Phil Laak Is Back on High Stakes Poker Game After 14 Years

After a 14-year break, Phil Laak made his return to High Stakes Poker on a Monday night episode, marking his first appearance since the show aired on the Game Show Network in 2011. This episode, the third in Season 12, wasn’t just a regular game. It brought together a diverse group of poker talents including Jean-Robert Bellande, another ‘old school’ familiar face on HSP, Andrew Robl, a high-stakes professional, and Nikhil “Nik Airball” Arcot from Hustler Casino Live.

The action kicked off with Santhosh Suvarna winning a $49,000 pot against Vivian Yang, followed by a victory over Nik Airball with a two-pair hand. Not long after, Phil Laak, in the old days nicknamed ‘Unabomber’, for wearing a hoodie on the table, entered the fray, securing a win with a set of Queens against Bellande.

High Stakes Poker, known for its intense moments, didn’t disappoint. Andrew Robl managed to win a $110,000 pot from Bellande, showcasing the unpredictable nature of the game. The episode continued to escalate with one of the largest pots of Season 12 involving Justin Gavri, Yang, and Airball. A strategic move by Gavri with pocket jacks against Yang’s straight led to a suspenseful showdown, resulting in a massive $372,900 pot won by Yang after they agreed to run it twice.

Despite this setback, the game went on. Gavri faced another loss against Suvarna’s set, leading to a rebuy. The episode concluded with Robl securing a $220,000 pot, once again demonstrating his skill by winning with pocket Kings against Gavri’s Jacks.

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