Netherlands Proposes Amendments to Remote Gambling Act for Player Protection

In a move aimed at enhancing player protection, Mayor Weerwind announced proposed amendments to the Remote Gambling Act (KOA) in December. The submission to the European Commission occurred on 28 February, initiating a standstill period until 29 May for review by the Commission and member states.

One significant amendment suggests alterations to Article 3.19 of the KOA, advocating for players to set their bet limits independently, rather than adhering to preset amounts. This aims to prevent undue influence on players.

Additionally, operators would be required to establish a “contact point” as outlined in Article 3.19.d. Operators must reach out to players who deposit amounts exceeding specific thresholds, based on age brackets.

Another proposed amendment, highlighted in Article 3.5, mandates that all betting activity, including wins and losses, be presented in euros. However, exceptions may apply for poker, where transactions might be in US dollars.

Furthermore, Article 3.5.a suggests implementing warning messages for players placing bets higher than the minimum, reminding them of the option to reduce their bet size and displaying the minimum bet amount.

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Addressing Player Protection

The proposed amendments address three key areas concerning player protection: ensuring clear information display, establishing appropriate play limits, and implementing effective gaming controls. The amendments aim to combat excessive gambling and addiction effectively.

The text underscores the necessity of these changes for improved player protection, acknowledging that they will impose additional responsibilities on operators but emphasizing their significance in safeguarding players.

Peter-Paul de Goeij, chairman of the Dutch Online Gambling Association (NOGA), praised the emphasis on duty of care but cautioned against making legal gambling unattractive. He stressed the importance of studying the proposal thoroughly to ensure desired outcomes without deterring legal gambling participation.

In the pursuit of fostering a safer gambling environment, these amendments aim to strike a delicate balance between player protection and maintaining an appealing gambling landscape.

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