Indonesian Government Takes Action Against Online Gambling Ads on X Platform

The Indonesian government has taken a firm stand and focused on reducing the amount of gambling adverts on the social media site X, which was once known as Twitter.

Representatives from X were called to a meeting by the Indonesian Ministry of Communication and Information Technology on Thursday to discuss the urgent problem of illicit gambling advertising that are appearing on the platform.

The ministry’s Director General of Informatics Applications, Semuel Abrijani Pangerapan, stressed the need for effective procedures to quickly detect and eliminate such illegal information from the site.

Pangerapan underscored the government’s directive for X to implement automated mechanisms for handling the removal of gambling-related materials, aiming to streamline the process and ensure prompt action.

Persistent Concerns and Public Response

Expressing deep-seated concerns, the ministry reiterated its stance against online casino gambling advertisements, citing previous warnings issued to the platform.

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Prior to the government’s intervention, Indonesian netizens had voiced apprehensions over the rampant proliferation of gambling advertisements on X, often involving prominent public figures.

According to a recent Populix poll, there is a concerning amount of online gambling content available to Indonesian internet users. The results showed that an astounding 82% of the nation’s internet users have come across online gambling content.

Additionally, the poll revealed that a considerable proportion, precisely 63%, see online gambling adverts when surfing the internet, highlighting the widespread scope of the problem.

The preemptive actions taken by the Indonesian government to prevent marketing for online gambling serve as a testament to its dedication to protecting the interests of the people and upholding regulatory integrity in the digital domain. Authorities hope to reduce the negative effects of illegal material distribution by working together with social media companies like X to create a safer online environment for Indonesian consumers.

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