Sweden’s Gambling Sector Sees 1.2% Decline to SEK27.13bn in 2023

Sweden’s gambling sector witnessed a downturn in revenue during 2023, with preliminary data from the national regulator Spelinspektionen revealing a decrease from SEK27.45bn in the previous year. Online gambling in Sweden, albeit remaining the primary revenue source at SEK17.03bn, experienced a 0.7% dip compared to the preceding year’s SEK17.03bn, presenting a stark contrast to the 6.0% surge witnessed in 2022.

  • Online Gambling: Despite its status as the primary revenue driver, online gambling saw a slight decline of 0.7% to SEK17.03bn, diverging from the previous year’s growth trajectory.
  • State Lottery and Slots: The state lottery and slots segment witnessed a notable 3.6% decrease, generating revenue of SEK5.60bn, while state-owned Casino Cosmopol land-based casinos experienced an 11.4% decline to SEK485m.
  • National Lotteries and Public Games: Conversely, national lotteries displayed resilience, marking a 1.4% revenue increase to SEK3.60bn. Public games revenue soared by 9.3% to SEK199m, and land-based commercial gambling revenue inched up by 2.3% to SEK225m.

Q4 Performance

  • Quarterly Revenue Analysis: In the final quarter of 2023, total revenue amounted to SEK7.10m, signifying a 3.2% decline from the corresponding period in 2022.
  • Online Gambling: Despite the overall decrease, online gambling revenue marginally increased by 0.23% to SEK4.40bn during the quarter, a deviation from the downward trend observed in the preceding quarters of 2023.
  • State Lottery and Slots: On the contrary, state lottery and slots revenue plummeted by 14.8% to SEK1.44bn, while Casino Cosmopol revenue witnessed a substantial 33.8% decrease to SEK92m.
  • Other Sectors: National lotteries revenue saw a positive uptick of 5.6% to SEK1.07bn, whereas public games revenue remained steady at SEK46m. Land-based commercial revenue, however, experienced a modest decline of 3.5% to SEK56m.

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