Nevada Gaming Control Board Addresses Cybersecurity Incident

Updates about a recent incident that happened in late January have been shared by the Nevada Gaming Control Board amidst ongoing discussions about cybersecurity. A thorough inquiry later, the Board informed everyone that no personal information had been accessed or misused by other parties.

Authorities declined to classify the event as a cyberattack, even though it resulted in changes to the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s website design. Under the direction of the Nevada Office of the Chief Information Officer, procedures were quickly implemented to stop more harm, including a move to a new website platform.

Collaborative Investigation Efforts

A collaborative effort involving the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s Information Technology team, law enforcement agencies, and external legal and forensic experts facilitated the investigation process. However, specific details regarding the nature of the incident and potential suspects were not disclosed by the Board.

This incident gains significance against the backdrop of cybersecurity breaches experienced by major casino companies in Nevada, such as MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment in 2023. These breaches resulted in significant disruptions to online operations, with Caesars reportedly paying a $15 million ransomware demand.

The restoration of the Nevada Gaming Control Board’s website, a crucial information hub for the gaming industry, spanned approximately five days. Throughout the restoration process, measures were taken to ensure the safeguarding of personal and financial information from unauthorized access.

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The Nevada Gaming Control Board underlined the value of preserving the integrity of its information systems while restating its commitment to stringent security measures. The malware on the Board’s website was targeted, but it hasn’t stopped activities at other state agencies.

The Nevada Gaming Control Board is unwavering in its commitment to maintaining the safety and integrity of Nevada’s gaming sector, even in the face of the difficulties presented by the most recent event. The Board is still committed to protecting the interests of those involved in the gaming industry even while the investigation moves forward and security protocols are tightened.

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