Macau Legislative Assembly Targets Illegal Gaming with New Legislation

In a bid to tackle illicit gaming practices within its jurisdiction, Macau’s Legislative Assembly has taken the first step towards enacting new legislation aimed at combatting illegal gambling activities.

The proposed Law to Combat Illegal Gambling Crimes, introduced last year, aims to overhaul existing legislation related to crimes such as animal racing and side betting offenses. It explicitly prohibits online betting within Macau, with potential violators facing penalties of up to eight years in prison.

Emphasizing the Need for Change

During the bill’s presentation, Secretary for Administration and Justice André Cheong Weng Chon underscored the necessity of updating Macau’s gaming laws to align with the evolving landscape of the industry. He emphasized the urgency of combatting online gambling, which poses new challenges not addressed by existing laws.

The proposed legislation introduces provisions for undercover operations to tackle illegal gambling activities effectively. It establishes a protection regime for individuals providing information to law enforcement and permits home searches during specified hours.

While acknowledging the difficulty of preempting all illegal gambling activities, Secretary Chon expressed confidence that the new legislation would bolster efforts to combat such offenses. Despite the challenges, Macau remains committed to updating its regulatory framework to ensure the integrity and sustainability of its gaming sector.

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