Danish Gambling Authority ‘Spillemyndigheden’ Halts 83 Illegal Gambling Portals

The Danish Gambling Authority celebrates another triumph in its ongoing battle against illegal online gambling, securing a court order to block 83 illicit websites catering to Danish players.

For the 10th time, the Danish Gambling Authority (DGA) has emerged victorious in court, reinforcing its commitment to curbing unauthorized gambling activities in Denmark. Since the partial liberalization of the Danish gambling market in 2012, the DGA has been relentless in its efforts to thwart illegal operators targeting Danish consumers.

Ramping Up Enforcement Efforts

Director of the Danish Gambling Authority, Anders Dorph, emphasizes the agency’s heightened vigilance, stating, “We have intensified our work to shut down the illegal sites, so that we now get them blocked twice a year instead of once as previously.” This proactive approach aims to minimize the exposure of Danish players to illicit gambling offerings.

Dorph underscores the importance of shielding vulnerable demographics, particularly children and young adults, from the allure of illegal gambling platforms. Many of these sites lack robust age verification measures, making them accessible to minors. Moreover, certain games featured on these platforms, such as skin betting, are especially appealing to younger audiences.

The Danish Gambling Authority employs a multifaceted approach to combat illegal gambling, utilizing automated scans and investigating reports from concerned citizens and businesses. Upon identifying illicit operators, the DGA issues warnings and demands cessation of unlawful activities. Persistent offenders face legal action, culminating in court-ordered website blocks enforced by Danish internet providers.

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The blocked websites span a spectrum of gambling offerings, ranging from traditional casino games like roulette and poker to sports betting. Notably, eight of the banned sites are classified as “skinbetting” platforms, where virtual gaming items serve as currency.

This decisive action by the Danish Gambling Authority underscores the nation’s unwavering stance against illegal gambling, safeguarding both consumers and the integrity of the regulated gambling industry.

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