AGCO Implements Measures to Combat Gambling Harm

On Wednesday, February 28, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) introduced strict rules designed to protect consumers from the growing harm caused by gaming.

AGCO launched a comprehensive approach after extensive public engagement in an attempt to lessen the negative impacts of compulsive gambling. This action is a clear indication of a deliberate attempt to protect people from the dangers of excessive gaming. In keeping with the values of responsible gaming, athletes who are currently competing or have retired will no longer be included in online gambling advertisements in the province.

Stricter Advertising Regulations Unveiled

Under the new directives, licensed entities bear the responsibility of ensuring strict compliance with the regulations. While influencers and public figures may still participate in campaigns promoting responsible gambling, their involvement is subject to stringent scrutiny. Operators are tasked with vetting potential collaborators meticulously to ensure adherence to the stipulated guidelines.

AGCO emphasizes the imperative of ethical advertising, particularly concerning minors and individuals below the legal gambling age. Stringent prohibitions now extend to ads appearing in close proximity to educational institutions and other sensitive venues. This concerted effort aims to foster a culture of responsible gambling and mitigate the risks associated with irresponsible marketing tactics.

The swift implementation of the new regulations has garnered praise from advocacy groups, including the Canadian Mental Health Association. Commending AGCO’s decisive action, spokesperson Camille Quenneville lauded the measures as “a critical step” toward consumer protection. However, Quenneville highlighted the prevalence of problematic gambling behaviors among young individuals, urging further regulatory interventions to address this pressing issue.

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Quenneville emphasized the significance of regulating iGaming with a focus on public health and argued for more limitations on advertising until a complete ban was implemented. She reminded stakeholders that it is the industry’s duty to put consumer welfare first and called on them to take the lead in protecting vulnerable populations.

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