Iowa Lawmakers Push for Casino Tax Reduction

A plan that would lower tax rates for the state’s thriving casino business has been approved by lawmakers on an Iowa House subcommittee, according to the Iowa Capital Dispatch. This move is intended to increase the competitiveness of the state’s casino sector.

Advocates of the plan are hopeful that lowering taxes will enable Iowa’s 19 actual casino locations to more effectively compete with those in neighboring states, especially Nebraska and Illinois.

The main component of the project is House Study Bill 719, which lowers the progressive tax rate that applies to earnings from both table games and slot machines.

Casinos that earn $3 million or more in gross gaming revenue are subject to a 22% tax rate under current legislation. The purpose of the proposed measure is to gradually reduce this rate over the course of the following three fiscal years, with the goal of reaching 19% by 2027.

Broader Tax Discourse

This proposal is being discussed in Iowa as part of larger tax reform debates. The governor has recently proposed cutting individual state income tax rates, demonstrating the state’s dedication to creating an environment that is business-friendly.

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The necessity for equitable tax relief was highlighted by Representative Jane Bloomingdale, who stated, “We’re lowering taxes for corporations, we’re lowering taxes for individuals, but we’re not lowering taxes for casinos.” It doesn’t seem fair at all.”

The booming gaming industry in Iowa provides a setting for this discussion. The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission recently released data that demonstrated the economic importance of the gambling sector by showing that the state’s gaming revenue increased to over $4 billion in 2023.

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