Dutch Gambling Authority Tightens Oversight for 2024

The Kansspelautoriteit (KSA), the Netherlands’ gambling authority, recently outlined its strategic focus areas for 2024, aimed at enhancing safety and integrity within the gambling sector. As part of its four-year strategic plan spanning from 2020 to 2024, the KSA is concentrating on consumer protection, preventing gambling addiction, and curbing illegal gambling and related criminal activities.

The regulator has pledged to keep a close watch on licensed gambling operators, ensuring they provide necessary data and adhere to their responsibilities. These include implementing measures to prevent addiction and safeguarding consumers against excessive gambling practices. Operators are tasked with identifying and assisting at-risk or problem gamblers to uphold consumer protection standards.

The KSA also plans to strengthen its collaboration with law enforcement and other governmental bodies, such as municipal authorities, RIECS, FIOD (the country’s fiscal information and investigation service), the Tax and Customs Administration, and the Public Prosecution Service. This coordinated effort aims to protect the public from unauthorized retail gambling outlets.

A statement from the KSA highlighted the focus of its supervisory agenda, emphasizing the commitment to its “Safe Gaming” mission. The agenda identifies key areas that pose additional risks and therefore require special attention.

One of the primary challenges the KSA faces is combating illegal online gambling. The authority is vigilant in monitoring the online gambling landscape, ensuring that only licensed operators serve Dutch customers. When unlicensed activity is detected, the KSA has the authority to impose sanctions or restrict access to these illicit websites.

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The effectiveness of the KSA’s strategies is supported by data indicating that the vast majority of Dutch gamblers, approximately 90%, opt for services provided by licensed operators, demonstrating the impact of the regulator’s efforts to maintain a safe and regulated gambling environment.

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